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Wash Flannel Sheets (3)

How to Wash Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets are among the softest and warmest sheets available to be used in the months of winter. Not only this but they go perfectly in the summer months and no other blanket is required. If flannel sheets are looked after carefully they stay soft for a longer period of time. This way you can keep them for the winter months or you can use them for the whole year. Flannel sheets UK can be made to last longer if you follow these tips.



Increasing the Flannel Sheets lifespan


Use Vinegar: When washing for the very first time use one-half cup of white vinegar. This way you will be able to keep the pills (balled-up fibers) from making on your sheets. Also by doing this you will make your sheet color permanent and will keep it from fading.

Don’t apply fabric softener: Fabric softener leaves behind chemicals that make the fabric fibers stiff and reduces the softness of the flannel overtime. Due to absorption of such chemicals the chances of appearance of pills increases. Instead do thing that put in some tennis balls with your sheets in dryer. This movement of balls will help reduce the clumping of fabric fibers.


Use of Warm water when washing: While washing warm sheets remember to use warm water and keep hot water away as it could result in shrinking or fading of the sheet. Some manufacturers even recommend using cold water so using warm or cold water will help from shrinking or fading. It doesn’t matter if it is flannel bed sheets or fitted sheet just wash them in cold or warm water.

Air-Dry your sheets as much as possible: Allowing your bed sheets to dry out a room temperature will help your sheets to last longer and this way you will be able to help your sheet from forming pills and at high temperature you risk your sheets to wear out faster.


Limit yourself from lotions: In place of applying lotions in night try to apply those lotions in morning as you wake up not only this but also applying oils and lying on bed sheets increases the risk pill forming and your sheets might dry out sooner than you think.

Above is the complete guide to keep your sheets healthy and long-lasting. 


Post by vabedding (2016-02-16 06:14)

Tags: flannel sheets Flannel sheets UK flannel bed sheets

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Looking Discontinued V & A Bedding and Premium Brand Bed Linen?

The age in which we are living today is the age of technology and information, so why are our methods still old? It is so because we are not aware about relieve that this age is providing us with. We can easily access anything that we want online and we can search about anything we desire, to search online we just need few seconds to increase our knowledge.

Everyday internet users are increasing and so are the online sellers, many businesses are being shifted online and it is the only reason that you see so many advertisements of online store when you surf the internet and out of many stores online V&A bedding store has also provided you with an online store for your comfort. 

V and a bedding

If you are not buying bedding online in that case you are making a very much big mistake so let’s make it clear that why you should buy from online V&A bedding store. First of all you are missing the opportunity to get the benefits that are provided to online buyers, other than this all of the major reasons have been listed below so read them carefully as these are for your own benefit.


Costs Less

luxury bedding

The main reason to buy from online stores is that it is very cheap way to buy stuff. Furthermore, there are many reasons through which you can save money by shopping from online V & A bedding store.

  • No travelling is required hence you get to save money from not wasting fuel.
  • As there is a high rate of competition between online stores so you will always find discounts on purchase and they would be quite happy about it. Such kind of discounts would not be available to you if you will buy from your local store.

So if you are low on budget and want to go for shopping or you want to buy new bedding set so you can do so by simply shopping online and for a better option visit the V & A bedding store online.


Saves a Lot of Time

save time

Another good reason to buy online is that if you are short on time and are a busy worker and don’t have time to drive and go to a store then buy your stuff online as it will save you much time and money. Imagine this that you are sitting on your couch and you have your smart phone in your hand and you give a look at your bed which lies in your view and you say to yourself that it is time for a change then you just go to the Browns of Weston’s website and simply place your order online and it comes to your doorstep this way you save a lot of time and don’t even have to get out of your house and also get a discount on what you bought wouldn’t it feel good.


This whole process might take only 5 to 10 minutes of your time and with ease and comfort you get your product at your door step. Anyways this is the most less time consuming method and you get to save time and money also so be smart and think.


Quick and Easy Way to Find What You Want

A great reason to buy online is that there is no trouble in finding the thing that you want to buy; as buying online is a well-organized method and everything is in order so you just have to type in some keywords and select some features from dropdown list and the thing you desire would be available on your screen to purchase.

Now think about buying this same bedding set in your local market, would it be that easy? You would have to go to this bedding store or that bedding store and if you are lucky enough you might find it in a day and if you are not you would leave it for the other day or you might think about leaving yourself with what you have. 


What We Really Want to Say

I think these three reasons would be enough to make you realize that how much time, money and effort you would have saved if you knew this before.

Post by vabedding (2015-10-13 10:43)

Tags: v and a bedding v&a bedding v & a bedding bedding sets luxury bedding

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